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  1. What is
    A centralized, online housing locator used exclusively by CareSource Life Coaches to identify housing opportunities for the clients they serve.
  2. Who will view my listings?
    Only CareSource Life Coaches will be able to view property listings that were created on
  3. How much does it cost to list my rental properties on the site?
    No charge will be incurred at any time. is a free listing service.
  4. How do I register my properties on
    • Login or create an account to list properties on
    • Use the "Add a New Listing" option to enter your property information
  5. How long will it take after I enter the property for it to be viewable by the public?
    Properties marked as "Available" will become active immediately after they are entered into the system. Updates can be made 24-hours a day and will be instantly applied to your listing.
  6. How do prospective tenants access the listings?
    Only CareSource Life Coaches will have access to view your listings as they identify housing opportunities that meet their clients’ needs.
  7. How do I make changes to my listing, like changing the rent or adding amenities?
    As a registered property provider, you can manage and update your online account 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week.
  8. What personal information of mine will be posted?
    Basic contact information must be provided in order for CareSource Life Coaches and their clients to reach you. This includes a point of contact, phone number and e-mail address is optional. However, you control your property contact information and can post updates at any time.
  9. I don't have any vacancies. Why should I add my properties to this listing?
    Your listings are critical to serving CareSource clients. To reduce inquiries, listings are hidden from view when rented or under repair. When there are vacancies, you can quickly re-activate listings and they become viewable by CareSource Life Coaches to help place their clients.
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